5 thoughts on “BFO2404 – An Official Source

  1. Tell K B that in the biz, we don’t “dye” hair. Dye is for fabric … we tint hair.
    Also in the biz, Hair Color (two words) is the product and Haircolor (one word)
    Is the application process.

  2. Lion? Lamb? March 1, I didn’t know how to classify the day. Early morning was beautiful but rain and storms rolled in during the afternoon and evening. Was miserable!

    Well I guess in hindsight I have to call March 1 a lamb because we sure have a lion of a day here now.

  3. Forgot to mention: on pick up of food, I always tip. Usually 20% or more.

    Want the restaurant to remember me and they usually hook me up on subsequent orders.

  4. Ms KB plays Destiny? I’ll have to keep an eye out for ya! Are you pumped for the sequel? Just officially announced yesterday

    And Figs, I think your new name may have to be “Hollywood”! Swooooooon

    Hiiiiii Poodle

  5. Back when I first heard Daniel mention the bridge scene in Forrest Gump I remember watching the movie and trying to find you in the crowd. Could you post that screen capture that had you in it?

    … and I’m ok if anyone thinks of me whenever they can’t sleep.

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