BFO1460 – Bacon Car

The Fat One closes out the month with a LITTLE show crammed full of stuff. There’s nattering, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and voice letters. Don’t forget to say “Rabbit, Rabbit” on Sunday morning! Happy Labor Day Weekend!


BFO1459 – Device Upgrade

The Fat One has a list that includes a Pride 48 update, the coupon and other news. Plus there are several voiceletters and a scratch-off. Happy National More Herbs, Less Salt Day.


BFO1458 – Kitties, Kitties, Kitties

The Fat One opens lots of cards (you can see them at Noon today) but also natters and plays voice letters. Happy Humping.


BFO1457 – Two-Timing

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave with a recap of the HORRAH and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some voiceletters. Happy National Banana Lovers Day.


BFO1456 – Overserved into a Coma

Poor Big Fatty is late with the Monday LITTLE show because of a huge overserving and HORRAH intertubes. There’s lots of drunkiness and voiceletters. Enjoy!


BFO1455 – Get Off the Fence

The Fat One closes out the week with a Pride 48 reminder about the final State of the Station on Sunday, Aug. 25 but also has time for voiceletters and a review of the final two days on the HORRAH weekend schedule. Happy weekend.


BFO1454 – Sure to Shootin’

The Fat One recaps the Full Moon at the HORRAH Hotel before visiting Spotting Big Fatty and previewing the first two days of the upcoming HORRAH weekend schedule. Happy National Eat a Peach Day.


BFO1453 – Best Bag

The Fat One is at the HORRAH Hotel but has a show filled with info about his trip and some voice letters. Happy Humping!