BFO1939 – Urine Specimens

After the Vulgarian National Anthem, the Fat One finishes telling about the weekend and the villa-warming party before declaring this week LURKER WEEK and asks lurkers to delurk just a little this week and say hello. Happy National Ice Cream Soda Day.


BFO1938 – Prissy Pants

The Fat One is back with a new LITTLE show that includes the coupon, the kick-off of Big Brother an the start of the weekend. Happy Monday!


LFC2015 – 10th Anniversirarium Show

Here’s the 10-year anniversirarium of the LFC from Saturday, June 20 during June’s Pride48 event.


BFO1937 – Pride48 2015 Part 3

Here’s the final part of the BFO from last weekend’s Pride48 event. Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day. Listen to the LFC 10th Anniversaries show on Saturday.


BFO1936 – Pride48 2015 Part 2

Here’s the second part of the BFO from last weekend’s Pride48 event. Happy Six Months to Chrima Day.


BFO1935 – Pride48 2015 Part 1

Here’s the first part of the BFO from last weekend’s Pride48 event. Happy Humping.


BFO1934 – Cannery Calamity

The Fat One recaps the Pride48 weekend and has news for the upcoming Vegas Expo for Pride48. Plus there was something in the P.O. Box and another edition of the Vader and Bacon Show. Happy National Pecan Sandy Day.


BFO1933 – Boney People

The Fat One recaps the Pride48 weekend that included other activities like a Gentleman Caller report, the LFC and much, much more. Happy Monday!


BFO1932 – Getting Prepared for Pride48

The Fat One starts today with a recap of the tragic events in Charleston before introducing the latest episode of The Vader and Bacon Show and some general Nattering. Don’t forget the kick-off show starts at 7:45pm EDT and the BFO is the first show at 8PM in the evening. Happy Pride48 weekend!


BFO1931 – Elegant Toothpicks

The Fat One is getting ready for Pride48 and the Villa Warming Party and natters about both. Plus there is the coupon, voice letters – including one from a lurker – and several Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy