3 thoughts on “BFO1933 – Boney People

  1. Fart pants.

    It’s been so long since I have been here.

    First of all. Great job Friday. Nextly – thank you for letting me be on the LFC with the man of my dreams. And Larry. LOL.

    I love you guys so much.

    Mush. Mush.

    And lastly. It was nice mentioning Kim beaver on the howdy do pancakes. OMG. I want to get drunk with Vader and howdy do pancakes. You will need diapers because we will laugh so much and there will be some $— thrown down.

    I’m alone right now. Peace is such a blessing.

    Why am I so emotional …. That’s the song on the iPad. Well. I better go fart pants. A visit to The Vila is in the cards.

    Until then poodle cakes and gentleman callers. Course MIS BACON will be spooning with Vvader.

    I am so funny. Love Fart pants.

  2. Diapers!! Where on earth does Ms. Bacon get these ideas. Very sweet of you to mention us. Hope you had a good Monday! Chinese food is always good. JR’S favorite is actually also the General Zao’s. It is cold here in SF. Hope the villa has many gentleman caller visits this week!

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