BFO650 – Smooth Talker

The Fat One finishes out the week by heading into the Fat Cave for some quiz program talk and then challenge for everyone to participate in a Random Act of Kindness over the weekend.  Happy National Cheese Cake Day.

BFO649 – Blokes and Chokes

Dear Gussie it’s time to celebrate Olavsoka again!  Put on your best camisole and join your favorite Beaver in an adult beverage, then kick back and listen to the Fat One natter and play some voiceletters.

BFO648 – Tulita Pepsi

Dear Gussie it is a TOTAL trainwreck today (without any stories of doggy poop).  You’ll learn more about honey and cinnamon that you ever thought possible and maybe something else but the memory is failing.  Happy National Milk Chocolate Day.

BFO647 – Animals, Animals, Animals

Dear Gussie – Everything on the Fat One’s list has something to do with animals.  It’s a trainwreck but the animals were not hurt in the production of this natterfest.

BFO646 – Viewing the (Weather) Rat Race

It’s a Full Moon and the craziness continues with the Fat one.  There’s a recap of the Horror Weekend and then some BIG news from the Fat Cave.  Happy last Monday of July.

BFO645 – Fun With Death

It’s Friday and what better way to kick-off the weekend than to chitta-chat about death.  Dear Gussie!  But the Fat one does work in a few voiceletters and a special coupon.  Happy weekend!

BFO644 – Siberian Skype

Dear Gussie, it’s so far off the track that there’s just no hope.  There’s a song and some stories too!

Happy National Penuche Fudge Day.  Sounds VULGAR!

BFO642 – One Too Many

The Fat One starts off with a gurgle that sends him to brush his teeth but returns with some nattering about the remainder of his weekend before making another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  Happy Tuesday.

BFO641 – Just Kickin’ It

The Fat One has Big News today about an upcoming trip plus there’s a recap of some of the weekend.  Happy Ice Cream Month!