BFO3564 – Oozie Boozie

The Fat One starts off the week with a quick recap before catching up on an all-Bacon voice letter LITTLE show. Happy National Taco Day.

BFO3563 – Sweet Cornbread

Rabbit, rabbit! The Fat One catches you up on his California trip with a lunch with the Nip and Dr. Stone in Oceanside and then to visit to Laguna Beach… plus there’s a special song at the end that only gets played twice per year. Happy World Vegetabletarian Day (also National Homemade Cookries Day).

BFO3559 – Aluminum Tube of Death Bed

The Fat One is in the California but recaps his travels and arrival in the San Diego. Happy National Strawberry Creme Pie Day.

BFO869 – A Sneeze of Tonic

The Fat One restarts telling about the Northern California Meet n Greet and about some giftettes he received (and LOTS of adult beverages).  It’s travel day so the Fat One will be in the Fat Cave soon.

BFO868 – Lovely Lung

The Fat One is so confused as to what day it is and what he’s done that he probably repeats himself.  Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the USA.

BFO866 – Real Butter

The Fat One recaps his last evening in the Southern Californias before heading to the aeropuerto (Mexican for aeropuerto) and the near calamity involving dirty underpants.

BFO865 – Farewell Southern California

The Fat One recaps his time in Los Angeles and Anaheim with special thanks to Miss Wes for his escorting services.  VULGAH!  Happy Hump Day.

BFO862 – Rapture in Walnut Hills

The Fat One has arrived in Hollywood and recaps the flight and everything else that got him to this point.  Don’t forget the Southern California Meet n Greet on Saturday at 3pm in the afternoon at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney.  Happy Rapture to all!

BFO861 – California Here I Come

The Fat One is inside the tube of pressurized death on his way to Southern California and an evening of HORRAH, BUT there was time for a LITTLE SHOW before leaving the Fat Cave.  There’s information about an unexpected coupon AND voiceletters.  Happy National Devil’s Food Cake Day.

BFO843 – Scratchin’ for Vegas

the Fat One recaps part of the weekend before going off on tangents that include talking about going to the P.O. Box.  Happy Monday!