BFO957 – Healing Time

The Fat One didn’t go to the Coal Mine today and gives you the reasons why.  Plus tomorrow starts birthday month for several former podcasters and there’s even time for an “Ask Big Fatty.”  Happy final Friday for Septembre.

BFO956 – Absolutely No Exercise

The Fat One has a nose update, voiceletters and an “Ask Big Fatty” crammed into today’s 20 minutes.  Happy National Linguini Day.

BFO955 – Waiting for the Chemist

The Fat One takes it off the tracks VERY EARLY and proves, without a doubt, that he can’t remember anything.  There’s a joke, some nattering, a nose update and there was something in the P.O. Box!  Happy humping.

BFO954 – Prep Your Nose

The Fat One natters today about getting his nose removed at the dermatologist on Monday with lots of details to make sure your Cheerios exiting.  Plus there are a few jokes from the e-letter bag.  Happy National Chocolate Milk Day.

BFO953 – Fried Bologna

The Fat One is full of recipes today in addition to a surprise from Miss Kitty and a weekend recap.  Happy National Pancake Day.

BFO952 – Stately Wayne Manor

The Fat One chitta chats about the change of seasons, more people who were in Vegas, Coach Taylor and more before playing a buttload of voiceletters.  Happy weekend.

BFO951 – Unfollow Luxor

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave and doing a live show.  There’s a recap of some things from Vegas and some Twitty talk.  Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day.

BFO950 – Vegas Baby #3

It’s the final installment of the Fat One’s live show from Pride 48.  A very special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the great artwork for all the Vegas shows.  Regular trainwrecks return tomorrow.  Happy National Pecan Cookie Day.

BFO949 – Vegas Baby #2

VULGAH!  It’s just part 2 of the live Vegas show.  The Fat One arrived late in the fat cave on Monday night so look for part 3 tomorrow as he recovers from returning the to time zone that natters.  Thank you for calling and to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the great artwork again.

BFO948 – Vegas Baby #1

The Fat One has Part I of his hour in Vegas for your listening pleasure.  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the great Vegas artwork.