BFO947 – Ice Condom

The Fat One is in Vegas and is nattering like there is no tomorrow.  Plus there are voiceletters and visits from special visitors.  Special thanks to Miss Lauren for the special artwork.  Don’t forget Pride 48 all weekend.

BFO946 – Saving Postage

The Fat One is on his way to Vegas but not before recording today’s LITTLE SHOW.  There’s a little news and some updates and ALOT of nattering.  Poor Big Fatty.

BFO945 – Hottie Machine

The Fat One natters about the upcoming quiz program premieres and even has some time for a Vegas update and some “Memory Lane Music.”  Happy Humping.

BFO944 – Zoomed By

The Fat One has forgotten another Exiting of the Birth Canal celebration but fixes that today.  Plus there’s nattering and lots of voiceletters.  Happy National Peanut Day.

BFO943 – Morning Peanuts

It’s the Full Moon today and the Fat One natters for 20 minutes about something although we aren’t quite sure what.  Don’t forget the final State of the Station show on tonight at 9pm EDT.

BFO942 – Sugar Puffins

The Fat One natters it right off the tracks today.  There’s breaking news, the bacon calendar and a list of 9 things that will certainly disappear in our lifetime.  The BFO wasn’t on the list.  Happy National Weiner Schnitzel Day.

BFO941 – Snooze Bar

The Fat One natters alot about Pride 48 and about 911.  Plus there was something in the P.O. Box!  Happy National Date Nut Bread Day.

BFO940 – Megatron

The Fat One natters about different podcasts he’s been listening too before answering a couple of “Ask Big Fatty” questions and playing some voiceletters.  Happy Humping!

BFO939 – Crazy Hats

The Fat One finishes the weekend recap and natters about different things to include a “That How they Getcha” about the phone company.  Happy National Rice Month.

BFO938 – Turlet Tissue Trip

The Fat One recaps the weekend and has a little more information about Pride48 weekend (11 days).  Plus there was something in the P.O. Box.  Happy Labor Day to those who are off in the USA.