6 thoughts on “BFO942 – Sugar Puffins

  1. Aww – thanks for the sweet shout out! I like The Faroe Island Podcast too. They do an amazing job. Even I can learn things about my little islands I have never heard before – and this is saying something! 🙂

    Is it true that in the fat cave there isn’t even a door to the love chamber?

  2. Hey K.B.- you know those velvet ropes you see at the theatre?? They had to be put in because of over crowding issues. Revolving door was removed after the fire at the Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston on November 28,1942.
    True dat.

  3. Damn,I said fire twice.(better to have a bottle in front of me,than a frontal labotomy)

  4. Usually when couples leave their door open to guests, it’s not for the guests to look at the real life in the room, but for them to sneak in and give them some puppetry massage…

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