BFO1350 – Hearing Double

The Fat One welcomes the Easter weekend with nattering about the anniversararium of the Ford Escape, something special in the P.O. Box, a Mexican story and lots of voice letters. Happy chocolate bunnies.


BFO1349 – Do Your Paperwork

The Fat One reports on his visit to the Dr. before heading down into the Fat Cave to natter about the Quiz Programs. Happy National Black Forest Cake Day.


BFO1348 – Rescued by the Coast Guard

It’s the Full Moon and the Fat One has voice letters, a trip to the Lodge and plenty of nattering before he heads to the Dr. for his annual physical. Happy Hump Day.


BFO1347 – The Grumpy Fat

The Fat One natters about sportball today before giving a Pride48 update and visiting Spotting Bit Fatty and The Lodge. Happy National Spinach Day.

Here the link for the “On the Road” story.


BFO1346 – Perusing the Frames

The Fat One reviews the weekend which includes a visit to the eye doctor and the P.O. Box. Remember to check out the Fat One’s new specs around Noon EDT today. Happy 9 months until Chrima!


BFO1345 – Suck on a Sour Ball

The Fat One closes out the week with an update on the demise of the plus there are voiceletters and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy weekend!


BFO1344 – Farewell and Some Gazing

The Fat One has sad news before presenting an episode of The Gaze with Lurry Warbucks and Undress with an “A.” Happy National French Bread Day.


BFO1343 – Vera Equinox

The Fat One celebrates the start of Spring with some nattering, voice letters and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Hump Day.


BFO1342 – No Tears

The Fat One opens the mailbag and catches up on a few things sent to him plus there’s a new recipe to enjoy. Happy National Chocolate Caramel Day.