9 thoughts on “BFO1348 – Rescued by the Coast Guard

  1. Dear Gussie. I’m dreading this one. I always dread voice letter shows after I’ve called. Seriously.

    In a month im going to refer to myself as Workout Bacon ~ you know, like Workout Barbie™ ?

  2. Just dropped my banana on the floor.

    Is that my day!?!?! C’mon!

    I love Kim.

    I got a 64 point word against Lurry.

  3. When you mentioned the doctor’s finger my ears perked up. I thought you were talking about me.

  4. Actually because people have back tracked and commented on older shows I will have to go through all the show comments so please pay your bills on time and keep this website safe until I can get an accurate count.

  5. Dad, the mechanical isn’t hanging up, you just have to press 2 to re-recohd. Although those calls make me laugh! Yaump!

  6. What I hear from that aks BF answer is that you’re not into water sports… too bad. Though water sports with vomic is a little bit too much, more than puppetry.

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