7 thoughts on “BFO1349 – Do Your Paperwork

  1. Poor Dr (Stone?)… obviously he missed the gift shop at the visitors center in there. He could have bought some souvenirs or a postcard “Welcome to where the sun never shines” like all the others 🙂

  2. Poor probing Doctor (was it Dr Stone?)… he should have got himself something at the gift shop of the visitors’ center in there like everybody else, a souvenir or a postcard “Welcome to where the sun never shines”

  3. Thank you for calling! There would be about 50-100 people in this world that would have pissed themselves laughing after hearing this, the rest of the world would be wondering wtf?

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    Dear Gussie.

    Yay BOb!

    Got my income tax and it was $200 more than I calculated. The prize still is not $1000. I am doing about $10,000 in improvements to my house. Yep, taking out a wall. Wow! Construction is not cheap! And to borrow money is like buying a new house. So! It will be a chunk at a time as he money rolls in. Heck with the bank. I’m in no rush! An assessment? I’ve paid down $80,000 added concrete camper pad, deck pad, fence, finished garage, hot tub and you want to assess the value for $15k loan? Ferget it. Stimulate this …

    Just blew it out eh?!?!?!

  5. Doctor Stone – home updates too??!?!? See – the reason the Bacons are doing updates is because we want our house to be worth as much as the new houses going up in the neighborhood and the only way is to update! Update! Update!

    I hope wes’ show lasts longer than Mister Haas’.

  6. Poor Kathy, instead of the 1000 bucks you could give a 1000 bricks from that wall to the winner 🙂

  7. Oy! Could you imagine the postage for 1000 bricks? Sadly the wall is not brick.


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