BFO213 – (Black) Friday

The Fat One makes an appearance on the Sea Hag’s 200th show and plays some voiceletters.  Remember than MONDAY is the deadline for submitting holiday stories for a chance to win 2 Soy Candles by Phebes.  Happy shopping!

BFO211 – On Strike

Big Fatty yaps about other podcasts and has another entry into the big Holiday Story Contest.  Don’t forget that the deadline is MONDAY!  Happy Hump Day!

BFO210 – Home Again, Home Again…

The Fat One is back in Charleston and back to his normal nattering from the Fat Cave.  Don’t forget that the Monday show was posted late so download it also in case you missed it.  Happy Tuesday!

BFO209 – The LATE Gaze

The Fat One had this all recorded and forgot to post it until this morning.  RUINED!

BFO208 – The Prime (Rib) Directive

The Fat One has another entry into the Holiday Story contest for you and has been sent the TRUE reason that the Sea Hag is boarding the Golden Shower Princess on Wednesday.  Happy Friday!

BFO207 – Hullabuloo For You

This is so much more than a trainwreck…. just listen and you’ll agree.  Don’t forget to come back at NOON Eastern for the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

BFO206 – Father Fatty’s Wisdom (and Snot)

BF is a little snotty (in the nose) as he shares some of his “wisdom.”  He also has news about changes in the Soy Candles by Phebes contest and there’s a dental report.  What a Hump Day this is gonna be….