5 thoughts on “BFO206 – Father Fatty’s Wisdom (and Snot)

  1. Holy Shit – a thousand dollars for a filling? I will shut down the office here and move to the US – look, BF, as disgusting as hearing about your rotten teeth might have been – it was inspiring 🙂

    New rules for the contest, huh? So what about Chanukka then? Do you have to break little Ryanle’s heart on purpose?

    I guess I have to pull a Mr. Bee Stinger here – what about a month without mentioning my second cousin? This might keep people from unsubscribing – just sayin…

    Oh, I love it when you stand up on your soap box, father fatty – so at least people can see you 🙂

  2. A yawn, a sneeze, a fart, and a sniffle…what other bodily functions did we miss in this show?

    Sorry to hear about your expensive dental issue. That sucks. But that happens when we get old. I guess I’ll have to look forward to that when I get to your age.

    I’m glad you changed the rules for the contest. However, I celebrate Kwanza. Is that included? 🙂

    Your soap box words were so true. Nicely said.

  3. “The BFO has listeners all over the globe—to include California” This is the BF we know and love. I agree with Michael (of course): Get on your soapbox whenever you want!

  4. I have rabbit ears on my tv. Cable is one of the things hubbin and I decided to forgo so that we could go on cruises as often as possible.

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