BFO803 – WWF vs. WOW

It’s Monday and the Fat One has a blow-by-blow of the weekend’s activities plus a report on “missing listeners.”  There is also an update on the Southern California BFO trip in May.  Don’t forget RABBIT, RABBIT in the morning.

BFO802 – Sexually Aroused by BF

The Fat One closes out the final full week of February with the coupon, some Memory Lane music and announcement of a World Celebration.  Don’t forget the LFC starts at 7pm in the evening, Eastern, tonight.

BFO801 – Kitchen Stench

The Fat One natters about Gentlemen Callers, podcasts and other poop before playing some voiceletters.

BFO800 – 800 Episodes of Peppiness

The Fat One celebrates episode 800 along with National Banana Bread Day!  There’s all kinds of fun plus a look at the early history of the Gay Movement.  I’m sure it will a-PEEL to you.

BFO799 – Little Dominos

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave and has a couple of surprises to share with everyone today.  Plus there is a final recap of the weekend and a song and dance story about the sling.  Happy George Birthington’s Wash Day.

BFO798 – Big Fatty, Executive Director

The Fat One recaps the horror weekend so be forewarned Cheerios eaters.  Plus the Fat One gives a hint for listeners who are constipated.  Guaranteed colonic explosions.

BFO797 – More Gazing and the Full Moon

The Fat One and the Ginger Bear continue their Gaze conversation from Thursday’s LITTLE SHOW.  Happy Full Moon weekend.

BFO796 – Gazing With the Ginger Bear

Big Fatty is at the Horror but it’s a new episode recorded during the Ginger Bear’s visit to the Fat Cave.  In fact, there’s so much to natter about, it takes 2 episodes… so part 2 tomorrow.

BFO795 – Smokehouse Flavor

The Fat One heads to the P.O. Box and comes to the Fat Cave with a couple of surprises.  Plus there’s a run down of the Horror Weekend Schedule and more!