BFO800 – 800 Episodes of Peppiness

The Fat One celebrates episode 800 along with National Banana Bread Day!  There’s all kinds of fun plus a look at the early history of the Gay Movement.  I’m sure it will a-PEEL to you.

3 thoughts on “BFO800 – 800 Episodes of Peppiness

  1. And yes another podcast with music on and some reading (I hope you will explain why you are reading the history of lgbts). And you forgot to read from the bacon calendar.

    On Sattday while you where out at the horroh it was Tim (timmysimms) exiting too. Further more when is JayT’s canal exiting?

  2. Howly cow – well, I do not know what a howly cow is but 800!!! Wasted 16000 of my minutes….I mean, I know I have well spent 16,000 of my life minutes. Oh, I am fat, meh!! (rather I am compact, as in ‘heavy’)

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