BFO498 – Counting Down 2009

The Fat One finishes opening the 2009 Chrima cards just in time to go “live” to Guy Lombardo and Ben Grauer in New York City for the “ball drop.”  Happy Nude Year to one and all.  See you next year!

BFO497 – 19,500

Dear Gussie — 2009 is moving faster than Big Fatty’s overfibered colon.  Prezzies are opened and a VERY SPECIAL anniversararium is announced.  Happy Final Hump Day in ’09.

BFO496 – Slick Shoes

Big Fatty is back in the Fat Cave and has LOTS to chitta-chat about plus there are voiceletters on the final Tuesday show of 2009.  Happy National Pepper Pot Day.

BFO495 – Personal Fuel

The Fat One is headed back to the Fat Cave from Hatlanta but not before he has some leftovers for you.  You’ll love the parts of the Chrima Spectacular that ended up on the cutting room floor and some outtakes too!  A regular trainwreck is promised for tomorrow!

BFO494 – 2009 Chrima Spectacular

Ho Ho Ho from the BFO!  Hope you all enjoy this little giftette and special thanks to Miss Lauren for the artwork.

BFO493 – Fat Man Coming!

The Fat One natters a little before offering a recipe from the Patron Saint of the BFO.  Enjoy a holiday wassail as you listen to the 2008 Holiday Spectacular, “Archer the Snowflake!”  Happy National Egg Nog Day.

BFO492 – Vulgah, Just Vulgah!

The Fat One begins with some nattering about meeting Wes the Gay Country (not spelled CUNT) and a surprise visitor at the “boys in underpants” bar.  There’s a special phone call from Mississippi and then the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, “Larry the Fat Ass Reindeer.”  Enjoy!

BFO491 – Plug in the Electric Jesus

The Fat One has TWO special guests on today’s show but it’s a secret until Santa’s Elves sing.  Happy Date Nut Bread Day.  VILE!

BFO490 – Cheese Log

The Fat One finishes opening all the Chrima cards that have been received before heading out to the Hatlanta…. but everyone will have to wait until after Chrima to get their cards and happys until after the Fat One returns to Dec. 28.