4 thoughts on “BFO491 – Plug in the Electric Jesus

  1. It is always a pleasure to have BigTim and Mr. Baby Leg on the Gaze 🙂

    Happy holidays guys and thanks for the fun!!!

    xo kb

    PS: Please, for the love of Gussie, stop telling what made you burp or I’ll barf…

  2. If you included the baby arm in the “head” count, you should’ve counted the big balls too. I would have said the 2009 and 2010 balls, but I’ve seen photographic evidence that both of those ‘nads have already dropped 🙂

  3. Hey BF…not sure if you have ever been but my cousin and his partner always liked to go to Roasters. It was an awesome chicken place and according to them it was very gay friendly. I thought the food was very good, but it is only my opinion.

    Merry Christmas to you and to all of your listeners.


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