5 thoughts on “BFO490 – Cheese Log

  1. Ha ha…if someone were to listen for the first time,they could think you have turetts when you burp.

  2. I agree, BF: I would recommend the Carpenters Chrima first—and then the other you’ve been playing in the background, Harry Belafonte. Get those two, and you really don’t need anything else.

  3. “A gentleman caller”? As in one? -SINGULAR?
    Good Lord, don’t they listen to the show?
    The Fat One is probably hanging baubles off a couple right now…

  4. Have a great stay at the hatlantas – enjoy some nice days with the family, bacon and the hot participants of the meat & greed 🙂

    Give Timmy and little Wes a nice warm Beaver hug from me 🙂

    Safe travels lovie 🙂

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