BFO3871 – Roasting Nuts

It’s the Chrima Full Moon and the Fat One has a crazy (like always) LITTLE show featuring his tea bagging report, his nut roasting and an Ask Big Fatty question about Gentleman Callers… and there are Chrima Cards you can see at Noon today. Happy National Cotton Candy Day.

BFO726 – My Vowels Have Locked up

Dear Gussie!  Today’s LITTLE SHOW is filled with BREAKING NEWS and you won’t believe all the changes that are in the works.  A special Happy Birthday to Miss LaLaLaLauren today and to Lurry Warbucks for his celebration of exiting the birth canal yesterday.  Happy National Raisin Bran Cereal Day… VULGAH!

BFO488 – Chrima Spider

Dear Gussie!  The Fat One plays all of his voiceletters including a special call from Jeremiah (who has a Chrima recipe so get your pencils ready).  But wait, there’s a recap of the Coal Mine Chrima party AND more Chrima cards.  My apologies to Moose and Buddy Rabbit for the confusion (just remember that BF gets mixed up easily).


BFO487 – Chrima Card-a-palooza

Dear Gussie!  The Fat One has 14 cards from listeners.  Any bets on how many he gets opened today?  Well he does catch-up on the coupon today (which we learn is one of Moose’s favorite parts of the show).  Let for another BF recipe today at Noon EST (the only time one that natters).


BFO484 – He Just Wants to Die

Happy Chanukkah (or however the heck you spell it it) to everyone.  The Fat One natters about a huge stack of Chrima cards that he received plus he reminds everyone of the Podcast Awards on Saturday night at 8pm ET.  Watch the ceremony online (or just light a candle).  Thanks to Miss Lauren from the cold Chicargos for today’s special artwork.