BFO484 – He Just Wants to Die

Happy Chanukkah (or however the heck you spell it it) to everyone.  The Fat One natters about a huge stack of Chrima cards that he received plus he reminds everyone of the Podcast Awards on Saturday night at 8pm ET.  Watch the ceremony online (or just light a candle).  Thanks to Miss Lauren from the cold Chicargos for today’s special artwork.


3 thoughts on “BFO484 – He Just Wants to Die

  1. What?! No Lfc today? Ruined. Anyway, if YOU are the pretty one there…….

    Oh,btw HE will live forever! Just like you 🙂 Happy Weekend, lovie 🙂

  2. It is traditionally spelled with a “Ch” in the beginning, because you are really supposed to pronounce it from the back of your throat (Big Fatty, I know you know how to do things from the back of your throat!) It kinda sounds like you’ve got a little congestion you’re trying to clear up when you say the first part of the word “Chanukkah”. hehe.

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed our Smell it on the Mountain card.

    Is there anyway maybe, just maybe you could post scanned images of these cards?
    Just asking, it would be nice.

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