BFO485 – A Fatty Loves a Party Food

Big Fatty recaps the weekend events which included a visit from Daniel Beaver, Miss kitty’s Chrima Party and the Horror Chrima Party.  Plus several wishes come true BUT the coupon will have to wait until the Tuesday show.  Thanks again to everyone who supported the BFO during the podcast awards competition.


4 thoughts on “BFO485 – A Fatty Loves a Party Food

  1. Awh..Big F..I am sorry, yes you are right there is another year, but I was sure you going to get it. I am very proud that you are so positive about the decision, but you did deserve to win. But at least it was not Auntie Vera. I am sure you would have said to her. “Now, isn’t that nice.” in you sweet and most concerning voice and in your mind your are say f*** you. But I am sure you would have congratulated her with open arms.

    I agree with you on the new Star Trek movie the guy who plays Jim Krik is a hottie for dam sure. I want to get the movie as well. I also fell there are some others in this movie as well that are pretty dam cute. I really liked the movie very much, in my opinion I felt it went along with the original series. There were so many of the good inudoes from Bones, Spok, Scottie, that you knew it was from the beginning.


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