BFO323 – Rainbow Sherbert

That Fat One is full of information today.  If you love a quiz program, you’ll want to get your pencil and paper ready.  Happy Queen’s Day (in Amsterdam).


BFO322 – International Dance Day

The Fat One has an International themed show for you for hump day.  There’s music, chitta-chat, voiceletters and more!  Get ready for the cha-cha!


BFO321 – Diamond Encrusted Rims

The Fat One is having some gastrointestinal problems so he’s only playing voice letters today.  Happy Blueberry Pie Day.


BFO320 – Lucy Mame

Big Fatty kicks off the week with  a list of items to chitta-hat about including Bea Arthur, Grilled Chicken and pictures from Las Vegas.  Enjoy your Monday!


Big Fatty to Attend International Horror Event

The Fat One has decided to attend the International Mr. Leather Weekend in the Chicargos over Memorial Day Weekend.  There WILL be a FAT “Meet and Greet” at some point during the weekend at a non-horror venue.  Details to come.  Alert the authorities that an International Internet Celebrity is scheduled to be in The Windy City.  Make your plans to see the Fat One!  NOTE:  BF does not want to have to pay for a single beverage… just like in San Francisco last year.


BFO319 – Lottie Moon

Big Fatty finishes out the week with a trip into the Fat Cave to chitta-chat about the Quiz Programs AND a new “Blow It Out” segment.  Happy Friday!


BFO318 – Lurkerfest

The Fat One chats about e-mails and voiceletters who were called out on last Friday’s show.  Enjoy your Thursday!


BFO317 – Wreckless Nattering

The Fat One finishes answering (Ph)reddy’s questions for his term paper before nattering about other podcasts and other junk’nstuff.  HAppy Earth Day and Secretary’s Day (not politically correct).


BFO316 – Term Paper

The Fat One helps out (Ph)reddy with his term paper and provides answers to some questions that some listeners might find interesting.  Happy Tuesday.