BFO3808 – Birds from the Future

The Fat One is at the Horrah Hotel for the porn star weekend but recorded today’s LITTLE show prior to departure. He FINALLY catches up on all of the voiceletters he’s recently received. Happy National Wiener Schnitzel Day.

BFO3786 – Route 66

It’s the end of the Fat One’s 66th year on earth but he’s still able to put out a LITTLE show that includes a recap of his day in Fat Acres, a gentleman caller report, several voiceletters and a heck of a lot of nattering. Happy National S’Mores Day.

BFO3744 – Pull Over

The Fat One is at the Metropolis Entertainment Complex but recorded today’s LITTLE show before leaving the Villa. The some talk about the performers at the Inappropriate Cement Pond Party and several voiceletters. Don’t forget the the Tony Awards Sunday night at 8pm on CBS. Happy National Iced Tea Day.