BFO4187 – Early Morning Festivities

After several Good Morning greetings, the Fat One recaps his day in Fat Acres which included a visit with his neighbors, a gentleman caller, Seniorcize class and even a so-So question. Happy National Sticky Bun Day.

BFO4182 – Happy VD

It’s VD and the Fat One is here to be your personal Val N. Tine by giving you a Tunnel of Laaaave filled with “good mornings,” nattering, lots of music and a voiceletter-a-palooza. Happy Chocolate Cream Filled Candies Day (on sale tomorrow for 1/2 price).

BFO4151 – Several FIRSTS in 2024

After the FIRST “Good Mornings” of the new year, the Fat One recaps a bust day in Fat Acres and concludes the LITTLE show with several giftettes. Happy National Toss Your Fruitcake Day.

BFO4116 – You Can’t Spell FAST without FAT

The Fat One takes us back to the very first show featuring “Good Morning Big Fatty” before recapping his day in Fat Acres and concludes with a card and giftette. Happy National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day.

BFO4111 – BF Heads Downtown Faster Each Day

After some Good Morning greetings, the Fat One recaps his day but gets confused… you’ll learn more tomorrow… then he gives some Big Brother spoilers and some caring words for Crooked Hat and Mittens. Happy Something Bold and Pungent Day.

BFO4091 – Another Spotting!

The Fat One returns to share some “Good Mornings” and nattering about his life in Fat Acres… plus there’s some sportsball chitta-chat and a visit down Memory Lane to Spotting Big Fatty and Kim Beaver’s Lodge. Happy National Sausage Pizza Pie Day.