BFO3458 – End of Shart Week 2021

The Fat One closes out Start Will with two brand new start stories and a classic from the archives. Don’t forget that Big Fatty is happy to be your Mama for Mother’s Day on Sunday. Happy weekend!

BFO3457 – Eternal Hell of Suffering

The Fat One is back with several additional shart stories including a very detailed event from the 2021 #1 fans. Happy International No Diet Day.

BFO3456 – Cursed the Ratatouille

It’s Cinco de Mahnaise and the Fat One has on his sombrero while he presents a mix of new and classic start stories. Happy National Hoagie Day.

BFO3455 – Fecal Urgency

The Fat One is back with more start stories and nattering. There’s still time to call yours in ore letter it! Happy National Orange Juice Day.

BFO3454 – Royal Flush

It’s Start Week and the Fat One has a recap of his week plus some starting revelations for your enjoyment. Happy National Chocolate Custard Day. How appropriate for the first day of Shart Week.

BFO3162 – BF Loves a Sharting Lurker

We wrap up Shart Week with lots of nattering and several shart stories including one from the Fat One himself. Happy Social Distancing Weekend!

CLICK HERE to see the video from Miss Beaver about the farting weatherman in Alabama.

CLICK HERE to hear the Walmart Shart Song from the Patron Saint of the BFO.

BFO3161 – 89

Shart Week continues with several stories and a recap of the Fat One’s day in Fat Acres. Happy National Chocolate Caramel Day.

BFO3160 – Dirty Work

Shart Week continues with the Fat One telling about his day and then some shart stories and lots of nattering. Happy National Oatmeal Cookie Day.

CLICK HERE to see the video of Tom Hanks’ rapper son.

BFO3159 – Enormous Sharting

Shart Week continues with a recap of the Fat One’s day in Fat Acres (and his failure at Social Distancing) plus a Pride48 start story. Happy National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day.

BFO3158 – Tinker Distancing

It’s Shart Week and the Fat One has lots of nattering for you today and a great shart story. Happy National Artichoke Hearts (rhymes with Sharts) Day.