BFO912 – Four Words

The Fat One closes out the month of July with some voiceletters, pants removal and a Green Thing.  Happy Weekend.

BFO911 – Too Soon!

The Fat One takes it off the tracks IMMEDIATELY and the nattering just continues.  There’s a Pride 48 Vegas update and some chitta-chatting about the quiz programs.  Happy National Milk Chocolate Day.

BFO910 – 20 Minutes of Stammering

The Fat One gets interrupted in the middle of the LITTLE SHOW today but he returns with excitement, laughter and an “Ask Big Fatty” question.  Happy Humping!

BFO909 – Half Price Cat Chow

Dear Gussie – The Fat One was home all day on Monday so is only moving at half speed today.  But there are voiceletters and a Pride 48 update for those going to Las Vegas.  Let’s hope the day stays vomick-free.

BFO908 – Skillygallee

The Fat One takes it totally off the tracks.  There’s nattering about dirty underpants, rice-throwing and philanthropy.  See, it’s totally off the tracks PLUS there’s BIG NEWS about the BFO App.  Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.  Only 5 months until Christmas.

BFO907 – The Scent of Snark

The Fat One heads down Memory Land today with some music, jokes and more.  Plus there’s plenty of chat about the Old Gal.  Happy National Penuche Fudge Day.  What the hell is Penuche Fudge?

BFO906 – Feather Hat

The Fat One natters about e-letters, Big Brother, gentlemen callers and more before an “Ask Big Fatty” question.

BFO905 – Redacted

Dear Gussie – Today is a TOTAL trainwreck despite having some quiz program chitta-chat and some voiceletters.  Happy National Lollipop Day, sucker!  Poor Big Fatty.

BFO904 – Gas Money

The Fat One finishes telling about the weekend and even has time for a Las Vegas update and and a final recommendation to watch “Friday Night Lights” on ESPN Classic.

BFO903 – Hand and Foot

The Fat One has survived the weekend of hats and tells you all about it (and mainly about all the fat food he ate).  Happy National Caviar Day (VULGAH!).