BFO908 – Skillygallee

The Fat One takes it totally off the tracks.  There’s nattering about dirty underpants, rice-throwing and philanthropy.  See, it’s totally off the tracks PLUS there’s BIG NEWS about the BFO App.  Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.  Only 5 months until Christmas.

2 thoughts on “BFO908 – Skillygallee

  1. Many thanks to Big Fatty and all the rainbows out there shagging with the Grindr.
    I just read yesterday that there is one coming for us beige people. Woo Hoo!
    Not sure it’s going to work as well as the original though.
    BTW- how old is that box of Hamburger Helper???? Is it still on shelves???

  2. I love a random day of philoctopusness. Makes me gassy though. Actually I could use some random kindness today. We’ll see.

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