BFO1232 – KB is Pissed

Dear Gussie! Vladimir (BF’s new nickname) has made Miss Beaver mad but hopes to get on her good side soon. Until then, he has a special Exiting Celebration to catch up on, a visit to the Fat Cave for some Quiz Program nattering and even a chance to see the newest additions to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Humping.

BFO1200 – White Shoes

Today is just a trainwreck as the Fat One natters about the weekend before he has a belated Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal, a few Vegas reminders and a walk-though of some of the new features on the BFO app 2.0. Happy Labor Day (USA only).

BFO1170 – You Could Hear a Gasp!

The Fat One has a full recap of the weekend to include Tiara Horror and a visit by The Graveetas! Plus there is news on the BFO App in iTunes (this DOES NOT apply to Android Hemorrhoid users). Many thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s artwork (which BF altered for the HORROR report).

BFO913 – Bias vs. Schema

Rabbit, rabbit!  The Fat One has a special request of the listeners so get your pencil ready.  It’s a special thank-you for Steve in the Uhk.  Click here.  PLUS we finally hear the four words that EVERY youth in the world needs to hear every day AND a weekend recap.  Whew!

BFO908 – Skillygallee

The Fat One takes it totally off the tracks.  There’s nattering about dirty underpants, rice-throwing and philanthropy.  See, it’s totally off the tracks PLUS there’s BIG NEWS about the BFO App.  Happy National Hot Fudge Sundae Day.  Only 5 months until Christmas.