BFO913 – Bias vs. Schema

Rabbit, rabbit!  The Fat One has a special request of the listeners so get your pencil ready.  It’s a special thank-you for Steve in the Uhk.  Click here.  PLUS we finally hear the four words that EVERY youth in the world needs to hear every day AND a weekend recap.  Whew!

6 thoughts on “BFO913 – Bias vs. Schema

  1. Shit I miss Trader Joes.
    Larry Klye must be happy, I think he used to drive pretty far to one?

  2. I’m just a poor boy, from a poor family….


    I’ve not listened to the show yet….i’m too scared now I know it has something about me in it!

  3. Thanks for the info your Royal Fatness. Donated to webcam project while I listened to the rest of your show. Looking forward to seeing SteveInTheUK’s neighborhood.


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