BFO107 – Sissy, Boom Boom & Tee Tee

This episode starts and ends in the crapper… NO voiceletters, NO “Memory Lane” music…. just the Fat One nattering on and not doing a very good job at it.  RUINED!

BFO106 – Face Slappin’

Big Fatty offers to make British John’s wishes come true before talking about his new beard,  “staycations” and playing some “Memory Lane” music.  In other words, it’s a trainwreck today.

BFO105 – Blame it on Ham Juice

Big Fatty delivers the 20 Worst Foods For You before throwing in some voiceletters and “Memory Lane” music.  There’s LOTS of throat-clearing too.

BFO104 – Foul Foods

Big Fatty heads to the Fat Cave and talks about the upcoming quiz programs and runs down the details on the Southern California Hootenanny on July 12 before running down the Top 20 Most Foul Foods according to an Americans Online survey.

Southern California Hootenanny

Join Big Fatty and Miss Kitty at the Southern California Meet ‘n Greet in Palm Springs.  We can enjoy adult beverages, snicka snacks and lots of laughs and inappropriate touching.  Bring your camera and cash (we love ya but ain’t paying!)

We’ll be there with podcasters Tim Corrimal from “Tim Call an Ambulance,” Nessa from “We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid” and Miss Wes from “Live It Up!”  It’s all happening on

Saturday, July 12  •  3pm  •  415 N. Palm Canyon Dr.


E-mail the Fat One if you think you can make it.  Click the logo for directions and the menu.

BFO103 – Foul Laughter

Those with a weak stomach should get a bucket.  Ricky and Nichole from Foul Monkeys drive the theme of today’s show which includes a drunkie call and “Memory Lane” music.

BFO102 – Cruised at the Publix

Big Fatty gets so excited talking about getting cruised in the grocery store that he can’t talk straight.  But somehow he remembers the voiceletters and “Memory Lane” music.