5 thoughts on “BFO105 – Blame it on Ham Juice

  1. Go-llllllllly! I sure nuff watched Gomer Pyle. So, that’s what all folks in the Carolinas are like, right?

    Yes, everyone in the Southern Hemisphere is crazy. I can’t speak for the others, but I’d say I’m a Southern Hemispherical—especially when I’m gassy. On the other hand, the only things on the list I’ve heard of—or had—is the pizza form Uno, since I used to live in Chicago. But from what I’ve seen of Australia, I can pretty well say that the Outback place’s “Aussie Cheese Fries” aren’t exactly fair dinkum Aussie tucker. But I’d probably eat them anyway.

  2. OMG! Personal Journals is gone from iTunes! Why???

    I don’t eat any of that stuff you mentioned on today’s food list.

    I knew you’d like the big balls from Wipe Out. hahaha

    Are you sure that was ham juice in your throat?

  3. Personal Journals are still there, but it’s not as easy to get to them. You used to be able to click on “Podcasts” on the left, then on “Society & Culture” then on the sub-category of “Peronsal Journals”. It’s this last part that’s gone.

    To get to them, you need search for a podcast you KNOW is in the “Personal Journal” sub-category (like Big Fatty Online). Or, you can go to the website of any podcast you know is in that category (again, like on Big Fatty Online) and click the iTunes “Subscribe” button. In either case, once you get to the page for a personal journal podcast, click on the “Personal Journals” tab in iTunes and it will take you to the rest of them.

    Complicated, but it’s what we’ve had in the iTunes New Zealand store all along, so I guess I’m used to it.

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