7 thoughts on “BFO104 – Foul Foods


    This was really bad food porn today – now I know where the children got the idea from for that segment.

    Very funny as usual – and full of magic – yes, Vera is absolutely right about that.

  2. Virtually everything you mentioned sounded pretty good to me. I EFFING LOVE LOVE LOVE Split Pea Soup AND Tuna WITH LOTS OF MAYONAISE!!! (not necessarily together!). You’re crazy for not liking either, and I’m seriously questioning your self-proclaimed “fatness”!

    Nothing more foul than Haggis.

    Much love Big Faux-Fatty…from an apparent REAL Fatty!

  3. I agree with Cooked carrots, beets, lima beans and green peas, are vile and should be illegal.

    Raisins are yucky too, hate, hate hate them too.
    Though I love the other forms, grapes, grape juice, wine, grape jelly etc. But dried grapes are truly evil.

    Loves me some okra and brussle sprouts, not necessarily in the same meal.
    My other non-foods are any organ meat, liver, heart etc.

  4. What about tripe, and cow’s tongue, rocky mountain oysters, and any fish solidified in gelatin?

    I do agree that a brussel sprout is vile. So is jello. I disagreed with a lot of them though. Like blueberries, sour cream and mayonnaise.

  5. When I was kid, I hated Brussels sprouts because my mother cooked them like the good preacher’s wife she was: She boiled the hell out of them. Now, I lightly steam them with some garlic in the water, butter melted on them—yum!

    When I was just coming out, I hadn’t yet told my sister I was gay. I was at her house one day and we were talking about food, especially guts. “I don’t eat internal organs,” I declared. “Oh!” she said, “only external ones?!” I didn’t say a word.

    Anyway, at the top of my list for the most foul food would be, in no particular order offal, lutefisk and haggis. Oh, that and passionfruit, too. I hate that.

  6. I saw both the Wipe Out and the Japanese game show thing and didn’t care for either of them. I recorded them on DVR and have already deleted the programming of those shows.

    I AM looking forward to Big Brother X. That should be a good one.

    I think you might be the only person I know who still uses the AOL. However, they make it easy for old people so that could explain why you are still using it. About the only thing on that food list that I would eat are the raw carrots. I don’t like them cooked.

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