BFO3754 – Supervisor

The Fat One closes out the Florida holiday with a recap of his day, lots of nattering and some information regarding the Pride48 weekend. Happy National Pralines Day.

BFO3753 – Stretching for Roger

The Fat One is still relaxing on the vacay but has a recap of his day, some thoughts on the Jeopardy! and several voiceletters. Happy National Hydration Day.

BFO3752 – Walton John

The Fat One recaps his day which includes a restaurant recommendation, lots of nattering and several voice letters. Happy National Onion Rings Day.

BFO3751 – Pine Trees and Corn

It’s the first day of summer (northern hemisphere only) and the Fat One finishes his recap of the weekend. Happy National Smoothie Day!

BFO3750 – Mystery Pizza Pie

The Fat One is in Florida but will be continuing to provide LITTLE shows during the week. Happy Juneteenth (observed).

BFO3749 – Your One Stop for Financial Advice

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of his day in Fat Acres, some cruise news, an iBond update and FINALLY, the Nip story from Sam’s Club. Happy Father’s Day and Juneteenth weekend!

BFO3748 – Cruise Update

The Fat One is back with a recap of a busy day in Fat Acres which includes a cruise update, the coupon, the gas report and tons of nattering. Happy National Fudge Day.

BFO3747 – Mykonos is not in Turkey

The Fat One takes you over the hump with a recap of his day which includes another Nip story, the technology segment and a cruise update. Happy National Lobster Day.

BFO3746 – Dental Gardening

It’s the Full Moon and the Fat One has a doozie of a story for you in addition to finishing his recap of the weekend and LOTS of nattering. Happy National Strawberry Shortcake Day.

BFO3745 – Long in the Tooth

The Fat One is back in Fat Acres and starts to recap his weekend at the Metropolis Entertainment Complex. Happy National Cupcake Lovers Day.