BFO1372 – Like A Yellow Sticky

The Fat One natters about various topics and then has a big Pride 48 update. Happy National Oatmeal Cookie Day.


BFO1371 – Shyster Law Firm

The Fat One starts the week off with nattering about Vanilla Ice, boneless chicken and the weekend update. Plus there’s a little sad news too. Happy Monday!


BFO1370 – We Love a LOL

The Fat One closes out the week with several reminders, some voice letters and much more. Happy weekend!


BFO1369 – Just For Your Edification

The Fat One has a full list on today’s LITTLE show to include the coupon, a trip to the P.O. Box, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, a crazy dream and a special gift card idea. Happy Full Moon!


BFO1368 – Consider the Source

The Fat One natters it right off the tracks from the very start but recovers and is able to visit Spotting Big Fatty and take some voice letters. Happy Hump Day.


BFO1367 – A Twinkle in his Eye

The Fat One natters today about the Pride 48 logo contest, other LITTLE shows and more before opening the mail bag and reading some funny stories. Happy National Cherry Cheesecake Day.


BFO1366 – His Willy Was Chilly

The Fat One recaps the weekend to include a WSWCL reference before playing a variety of voiceletters. Happy National Jelly Bean Day.


BFO1365 – Seal of Approval

The Fat One closes out the week with some voice letters, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and a little serious talk. Happy weekend!


BFO1364 – Guests in the Sling

The Fat One is a nightingale today as he sings most of the 60 Best TV Theme Songs. There’s also a coupon and more. Happy Animal Crackers Birthday.


BFO1363 – A Patron of the fArts

The Fat One natters about several things he heard on other LITTLE shows before playing some voiceletters. Happy Humping!