BFO3178 – Passbook Savings

The Fat One is back with a recap of his weekend… which was actually kinda busy. Happy National Peach Cobbler Day.

BFO2668 – The Other Side

The Fat One natters his way through some voiceletters and then has some thoughts about other LITTLE shows. Happy National Animal Crackers Day.

BFO1371 – Shyster Law Firm

The Fat One starts the week off with nattering about Vanilla Ice, boneless chicken and the weekend update. Plus there’s a little sad news too. Happy Monday!


BFO774 – Eat This Little Show

The Fat One natters about the Full Moon and other LITTLE SHOWS in the intertubes.  Plus there are some scratch-offs and an important e-letter.  Happy National Popcorn Day lovies.

BFO244 – Cook According to Package Directions

Big Fatty starts the week off with news of a new podcast review website, updates from other podcasts and a easy bacon muffin.  DELICIOUS!


BFO32 – Blarneycast

It’s St. Patty’s Day and the Fat One is talking about quiz programs, podcasts and a new movie… oh, and there’s “Memory Lane” music too.


BFO29 – Underpants Revisited

Big Fatty gets his underpants back and an unexpected call from Cunty McCuntCunt before playing some “Memory Lane” music.


BFO20 – BF has a Zit

There’s an interview BF doesn’t remember, a birthday he does, iPhone pleads and bitchin’ and a great piece of “Memory Lane” music.