6 thoughts on “BFO32 – Blarneycast

  1. I love having gown weekends. I would love to have more of them but I’m so busy.

    I don’t think I’ll be watching Dancing with the Tards. Just not my kind of quiz program. Maybe Chef Mark will watch it with you.

    I loved the Doris Day show! And I love that song too! Again, I watch this show in reruns and loved it.

    I love the “We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid” podcast. I think Holly might be hiding something. But don’t start any rumors!

    Yea, I miss Mike Hipp too. I wonder what he’s up to these days. Does he still make the candles?

    I guess I should call sometime.

  2. Another great show with Big Fatty and thanks for the shout out and glad you like the BB9 spoiler site!

    No I don’t think Holly is pregnant – I am sure she would tell the world if she was!

    I can’t agree more that I miss Mike Hipp as well and I would love to have read his reviews of your show!

  3. I used to watch “The Doris Day Show”, but back then, I thought that’s where the song came from. Kids are like that, I guess. I’d love to have a gown weekend. Soon, hopefully.

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