BFO86 – Listener Stuff for BF

Big Fatty shares some e-letters, photos and stuff sent by listeners before playing a very easy “Memory Lane” music. Look for a special “Million Dollar Password” post at Noon today (Friday). Happy Weekend!

BFO85 – Mixed Up and Fat

Big Fatty gets so excited about finding the Pat Sajak Show music that he gets all mixed up on the segments on today’s show.  RUINED!

BFO84 – Growing Old & G(r)ay – Our 50s

They’re eligible for AARP and are pissed.  Auntie Vera Charles and BF chat about their Fabulous 50s.

BFO83 – If You Want to See History…

BF sings some of his favorite jingles for you before talking about dead people, the potato festival and changes to the upcoming “gay daze.”  Oh, and “Memory Lane” music returns.  Look for a special post at Noon today (Tuesday, May 27).

BFO82 – Don’t Ask

BF helps you enjoy your Memorial Day (observed) hootenanny with a Wishes! update, voice letters and some “Breaking News!”

BFO81 – Onion Pie and Seagulls

Big Fatty babbles about crapola like some out-of-control Woober before playing voice letters and “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Birthday to the BFO Historian Brian!

BFO80 – Carn Sarn It

BF sends out thanks for some surprise Wishes Come True. There are voice letters and “Memory Lane” music featuring a triangle.

BFO79 – Growing Old and G(r)ay – The 40s

Supposedly, life begins at 40 and BF and Auntie Vera tell you if it was true for them.

BFO78 – Impersonating Chickens

Big Fatty does the world’s WORST impersonations on today’s show prior to talking about some quiz programs and offering up a twist on “Memory Lane” music.