BFO2943 – End of Lurker Week

The Fat One is still hoping to hear from more lurkers since Lurker Week lasts through today too! On the LITTLE show, there’s lots of nattering, 2 Lurker Ask Big Fatty questions, a missive from Patty Bacon and much more. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

BFO2081 – Thinking Cap

The Fat One had an oopsie but corrected it so you would have a LITTLE show filled with voice letters, an Ask Big Fatty question, and plenty of nattering. Happy National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.

CLICK HERE to see the video of the Aunt Clara clip.


BFO2024 – Soil Candles

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show today which includes news on Poodle’s vacation, some voiceletters and plenty of nattering. Visit Soy Candles by Phebes! Happy Full Moon!


BFO1552 – Camisole, Hamisole and Spamisole

The Fat One has a weather rat update as well as a Twitty reminder before opening Chrima cards and some voice letters. Happy National Soup Month.


BFO1345 – Suck on a Sour Ball

The Fat One closes out the week with an update on the demise of the plus there are voiceletters and a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy weekend!


BFO1189 – Sacrificing a Goat

It’s just four weeks until Pride48 and the Fat One has a few reminders for everyone. Also, if you are going to be IN VEGAS, sign-up for the GROUP ME communicator thingy by clicking here.
Today there are voiceletters and also a trip to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy weekend!

BFO614 – Hot as a Mullet

Well it appears everything that was RUINED yesterday is working again.  The Fat One is feeling better but still not 100% so today will be a voiceletter-palooza plus there’s more information on the BFO app in the iTunes store.

BFO238 – Remembering Ben Grauer

The Fat One isn’t podfading but evidently some listeners are.  Get it in gear and listen to this show filled with voiceletters about the Fat One’s nuts, drunkie calls and even one from a robot.  Happy Friday!


BFO215 – A Pound of Hot, Raw Sausage

The Fat One has done it again… natterfest!  There’s music, cards, stories, voiceletters and gas.  Is there a better way to start a Tuesday?  Four people think there isn’t.

BFO213 – (Black) Friday

The Fat One makes an appearance on the Sea Hag’s 200th show and plays some voiceletters.  Remember than MONDAY is the deadline for submitting holiday stories for a chance to win 2 Soy Candles by Phebes.  Happy shopping!