BFO1189 – Sacrificing a Goat

It’s just four weeks until Pride48 and the Fat One has a few reminders for everyone. Also, if you are going to be IN VEGAS, sign-up for the GROUP ME communicator thingy by clicking here.
Today there are voiceletters and also a trip to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy weekend!

9 thoughts on “BFO1189 – Sacrificing a Goat

  1. May I be in the group even if I’m not going? Womp-womp.

    I hope Miss Beaver laughs and cries and smiles and has an emotional reaction to my box fillers. That one thing may just seal the “Kathy bacon is BSC” debate, you know that one thing with the tape. Oh dear gussie. I can hardly wait. I hope her wife loves it too.

  2. I thought I moved those three fat guys in the picture but it must have been my eyes playing tricks on me. Dear gussie its been a long week.

    Where are my troll friends? I love reading comments.

    I will be back!!!

  3. Dear lord I just thought of a game – how many Tera bytes does miss bacon use on fatttys computra from her nonsensical spammers messages.

  4. I love reading your comments Kathy – the BFO would only be half as funny without you. Thank goodness you delurked!

    Can’t wait for all the surprises! Let’s hope all goes well through customs. We have very strict rules on the Faroes. For example it is strictly forbidden to import stones or sheep.

  5. Please tell me, that “52 lbs” is only a joke. Please tell me, that “52 lbs” is only a joke!!!!

  6. These are not “stones” these are 57 pounds of rock … No living things in the box, aside from the box itself. So your mail gets gone through at the post office before you even get it. Okay, now the whole world will think I am BSC. BF, do you think she will get that one ‘most personal item’? I am so embarrassed now.

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