BFO1190 – Poke Chop Dinner

The Fat One recaps the weekend which includes a Granny Report and a Gentleman Caller Report but the Big News today is a special Exiting of the Birth Canal. Happy National Lemonade Day.

10 thoughts on “BFO1190 – Poke Chop Dinner

  1. Faroese homeland security have informed me that they have found a radioactive rock in a box
    with my name on it 🙁 what exactly did Ms Bacon put into my box?

  2. KimBeaver! What great news!!! Yay! That was fast delivery! Enjoy! My rock has made it there!

    Happy exiting mister Moosep – who confirmed the p does not stand for urine.

  3. Happy Birthday Moose! Hope you have a great one.

    Loved the Granny Update! I was waiting for the next words out of your mouth to describe a Horrah outfit put on a Sweet Potato! Your toooo funny.
    Be kind. : )

  4. So – customs gets to finger her box …. Wait …. You know full well what I mean.

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