BFO1176 – The BFO Census Ends

Census month comes to an end with a RUINED LITTLE show. There’s lots of nattering, the remainder of the Weekend Update, a Granny Report and a sincere thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the Census. BF knew he could Count on You!

BFO1175 – The Queen Was Constipated

The Fat One is closing down Census month with some e-letters before giving a Vegas Update and the start of the Weekend Update. It’s your last chance to participate in the BFO Census! Thanks, as always, to Miss LaLaLaLauren for this month’s special artwork.

BFO1174 – Olympic Fever in the UhK

Get a cold rag, the Fat One has come down with Olympic Fever (plus he upgraded to Mountain Lion and is confused). There are voiceletters and general nattering on the final weekend of Census month.

BFO1173 – Blackened, not Burnt

The Fat One takes it off the tracks in the first 5 seconds of the LITTLE show but manages to finally finish reading the long form with longer answers and even plays some voice letters. Happy National Hotdog Month.

BFO1172 – Belly Up to the Bar

The Fat One catches up on e-letters and clears alot of his list before returning to reading the first Long Form of the Census. Happy Humping!

BFO1171 – In A Jif

It’s off the tracks today as the Fat One is confused and can’t remember things… so basically a regular LITTLE show. There’s a visit to the P.O. Box, the remainder of the weekend report and BF starts reading the Census Long forms. Happy National Baked Bean Month. VULGAH!

BFO1170 – You Could Hear a Gasp!

The Fat One has a full recap of the weekend to include Tiara Horror and a visit by The Graveetas! Plus there is news on the BFO App in iTunes (this DOES NOT apply to Android Hemorrhoid users). Many thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for today’s artwork (which BF altered for the HORROR report).

BFO1169 – Much Better With Mustard

The Fat One closes out the week with voiceletters, a visit to the P.O. Box and some Census results. Happy weekend!

BFO1168 – Grill On!

There is NOTHING on the Fat One’s list today so it’s just a rambling natterfest. Happy Ice Cream Month.

BFO1167 – Pick Your Wig

It’s a natterfest today. BF has a list but forgets most of it and ends up reading e-letters. Poor Big Fatty. Happy Humping!