5 thoughts on “BFO1174 – Olympic Fever in the UhK

  1. Um, should we complain the artwork of this episode has a winter snowy background even if we are in the summer olympics…

  2. I should have said my favorite part of the show is when you declare it ruined. Fat, they’re all ruined, it goes without saying. Haha. Oui, dear gussie mcmussie.

  3. Poor big fatty! Sounds like the technology update took an unexpected turn. 139 and still fat. Wow! Dear gussie diminutive indeed! I had no idea dinosaurs were so svelte. Am I the only person who still eats carbs?

  4. I’m watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony, and I’m reminded of your comments from the last Summer Olympics – Michael Phelps’ face is seriously short-bus!

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