BFO1175 – The Queen Was Constipated

The Fat One is closing down Census month with some e-letters before giving a Vegas Update and the start of the Weekend Update. It’s your last chance to participate in the BFO Census! Thanks, as always, to Miss LaLaLaLauren for this month’s special artwork.

3 thoughts on “BFO1175 – The Queen Was Constipated

  1. It is comforting to know that if I were to hold 39 world records and win 17 Olympic medals, but didn’t meet your personal definition of “attractive” – I too could be compared to a mentally challenged person.

  2. I was eating my congee when you mentioned the grapefruit sized testicles. Luckily there was no reflexive bodily wretching. Best wishes to Miss Kitty!! To think some boys on Sunday were going for the same effect with Saline. Vulgar!

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