BFO3489 – Always Be Humble and Bird

The Fat One is back and begins to recount the weekend. Happy First Full Day of Summer.

BFO3329 – Gagging and Tooting

The Fat One is back with some details of a surprise weekend. Stay tuned for more tomorrow! Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day!

BFO3328 – I Didn’t Need to See That!

Surprise! The Fat One pre-recorded today’s LITTLE show which also includes a surprise. All the details tomorrow! Happy Georgia Pecan Month!

BFO3091 – Coffree Bag Explosion

The Fat One has had a BUSY weekend which he natters about on the LITTLE show. Happy National Chocolate Covered Anything Day.

BFO3061 – Flo and Jake

The Fat One is back with a recap of Gay Chrima and the first half of the weekend in Fat Acres. Happy National Candy Day.

BFO2989 – Nomiker or Moniker?

The Fat One is back from his weekend at the HORRAH Hotel and has a full recap of the events… until he runs out of time so the second half comes tomorrow! Happy Monday!

BFO2964 – The Swimmin’ Hole

The Fat One is back with a recap of the weekend from the HORRAH Hotel so basically it’s a natterfest. Happy National Iced Tea Day.

BFO2939 – The Final Lurker Week? – REPOST

The Fat One is unexpectedly in Hatlanta so there’s a Catarina update and the start of the weekend recap. Lurkers help the Fat One out with some content this week!

BFO2919 – Hot Air Force

The Fat One kicks off the week with LOTS of sportsball nattering… so much in fact that he doesn’t finish the weekend update. Plus there’s a special song (no special chair required for listening).

BFO2899 – Tardy Employee

The Fat One is back with exciting news and a recap of the weekend. There’s so much, there wasn’t time to finish it! Happy Monday. And BF forgot the happy Monday music… RUINED!