BFO3204 – Voiceless Voiceletter

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day and a special voiceletter. Happy National Devil’s Food Caaaaaaaaake Day.

CLICK HERE to see the story on the Faroe Islands.

CLICK HERE to do the interactive tour of the Faroe Islands.

BFO2119 – Bingo With Bernard

The Fat One catches up on voice letters today but also catches up on Spotting Big Fatty. Plus there’s talk about Downtown Alley and an Ask Big Fatty EXCELLENT question. Happy National Peanut Cluster Day.


BFO1553 – Downtown Alley

The Fat One has a natterfest today with a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, Chrima cards, voice letters and a delicious recipe. Get your pencils ready and happy humping!


BFO1307 – Facon

The Fat One has a quiz for you to participate in today plus there’s lots of #1 Fan entries. And then there are a backlog of voiceletters. Happy humping!