BFO978 – Walks Like a Hunchback

The Fat One celebrates Gay Chima with the Vulgarian National Anthem and the annual reading of “A Visit From Big Fatty.”  Happy National Candy Apple Day.

BFO977 – Power Surge

That Fat One has been dealing with a power surge in the Fat Cave but still tells us about the coupon and something in the P.O. Box!  Happy Halloweenie Weekend.

BFO976 – Can That Idea

The Fat One has one unusual LITTLE SHOW today.  He tells Bacon and Beaver to forget becoming lurkers before listening to voiceletters and reading from the male bag…. ooops, mail bag.  Happy National Potato Day.

BFO975 – Fistacuffs

The Fat One takes it off the tracks early and keeps it confused as he natters about the Quiz Programs and politics.  DEAR GUSSIE!

BFO974 – Wall Marriors

Dear Gussie!  Today the Fat One is all over the place talking about fireplaces and Gilligan’s Island but still figures out a way to include some voiceletters.  Happy National Greasy Foods Day.  DELICIOUS!

BFO973 – Sweet and Salty

Well since the Rapture-Part 2 didn’t occur, here’s today’s LITTLE SHOW.  The Fat One recaps the weekend and kicks-off Gay Chrima Week by opening some card.  Happy National Bologna Day.

BFO972 – The Story of Our Life

The Fat One bids farewell to everyone today on Judgement Day.  There’s information on a new attraction in Las Vegas and some items in the P.O. Box.  Happy National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day.  VULGAH!

BFO971 – Get Your Affairs in Order

The Fat One has the hiccups and cannot get rid of them but the LITTLE SHOW must go on.  There are voiceletters and more.

BFO970 – Dear Guthie

The Fat One has NOTHING to natter about and even has trouble speaking but there’s a trip down Memory Lane and some special Old Folks reading.  Happy National Seafood Bisque Day.

BFO969 – Vampriss

The Fat one natters and gets tickled on today’s LITTLE SHOW but opens his cards and still has time for voiceletters.