BFO976 – Can That Idea

The Fat One has one unusual LITTLE SHOW today.  He tells Bacon and Beaver to forget becoming lurkers before listening to voiceletters and reading from the male bag…. ooops, mail bag.  Happy National Potato Day.

5 thoughts on “BFO976 – Can That Idea

  1. you are too gentle a soul to really be angry (oh man, lurking is a difficult business…obviously I still don’t get the gist of it yet. I’ll have to ask Kathy)

  2. Well, of course I haven’t listened yet. I would be more than happy to do so before I respond on the content.

    So, what about the ‘Texas Toast’ French Toast? I don’t recall an update?? Did you likie? Also, you used it for toast for dinner, oh, I love it. Now, do you like the garlic toast? Do you have a cookie sheet and a broil setting on your stove? Or a toaster oven?

    Making myself hungry. I love the 12 grain bread. Ever have it? Worth the $5 and it stays fresh until its all gone, 2 slices a day!

    Well, back to bidness.

  3. “All movements go too far”
    -Bertrand Russell (who may or may not have been talking about sharting)

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