5 thoughts on “BFO976 – Can That Idea

  1. you are too gentle a soul to really be angry (oh man, lurking is a difficult business…obviously I still don’t get the gist of it yet. I’ll have to ask Kathy)

  2. Well, of course I haven’t listened yet. I would be more than happy to do so before I respond on the content.

    So, what about the ‘Texas Toast’ French Toast? I don’t recall an update?? Did you likie? Also, you used it for toast for dinner, oh, I love it. Now, do you like the garlic toast? Do you have a cookie sheet and a broil setting on your stove? Or a toaster oven?

    Making myself hungry. I love the 12 grain bread. Ever have it? Worth the $5 and it stays fresh until its all gone, 2 slices a day!

    Well, back to bidness.

  3. “All movements go too far”
    -Bertrand Russell (who may or may not have been talking about sharting)

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