7 thoughts on “BFO977 – Power Surge

  1. I put Smelly in charge of the Pumpkins this year. Guess whose house does not have pumpkins. Guess who is going pumpkin hunting at 3 today? Guess who will be elbow deep in pumpkin goo tonight? Not me!

    Other than that, haha! Love that you get special treatment at the Vons East!

    Have a great weekend! Muah to you and whoever else reads this!

  2. I am bewildered by the traffic you get here, oh, of course you do, sort of like your recording studio, said with a ‘j’.

    Can you believe how stocky I am?

    Have you seen ConRob has been smelling poo around the wire hanger lodge? Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh poopie.

    Do NOT play this on the show.
    (If you are totally confused, please see the comment above and if you are still confused, forget it, it isnlt funny if it has to be explained! Am I right my lady? )

    I LOVE KimLurker so much! I stole her last name!

    Back to work!
    Not working next weekend and the 11th is a holiday!!

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