BFO4138 – The “Yeah, Whatever” Bowl

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of his day in Fat Acres by discussing quiz programs, a $100 decision, sportsball and some Apple snack updates. Happy National Cupcake Day.

BFO4097 – Mr. Harry

The Fat One chats about upcoming visitors to the Villa before recapping his day in Fat Acres which included a trip to Shady Pines, an update on the Villa storm door, quiz program chat and, of course, the coupon. Happy National Seafood Bisque Day.

BFO4087 – Same Fat Time, Same Fat Channel

The Fat One returns with some Nip Shenanigan’s and a recap of his day in Fat Acres which included some quiz programs, a trip to Mr. Freeze and shopping at the Vons East… but time ran out before he could finish the recap. Happy National Betty Day.

BFO4047 – Completing 67 Years

It’s a special day at the villa and you get to hear all the details despite being interrupted by lovely voiceletters. There’s a coupon report plus the announcement of the renaming of Shart Week. Happy National S’Mores Day.

BFO4010 – Happy Juneteenth

The Fat One kicks off the LITTLE show explaining why there was only Wheel of Fortune music and no voiceover of the Friday LITTLE show. Afterwards there’s a short history of Juneteenth and the Honor America Days… then he recaps his weekend and poses questions about Bitcoin. Happy National Martini Day.